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smiling therapist with a senior woman

Occupational therapy is a holistic approach to care that focuses on the ‘wholeness’ of a patient. This type of therapy can benefit those who need assistance in improving their fundamental life skills. At Apec Healthcare Services, Inc, our licensed occupational therapists will treat patients as a whole. They can deal with people with complex medical issues, such as dementia, cognitive impairment, memory loss, and the like.

Through our occupational therapy services, your loved ones can:

  • Achieve overall emotional, social, and physical wellness
  • Prevent falls from reoccurring (for seniors)
  • Reduce symptoms of memory loss
  • Face day-to-day challenges

For questions or inquiries about this service, please call us at 301-775-6257 or 240-462-2596, or you may use our online form.

Our Mission

Our mission as a care provider is to make sure that the clients we serve, both children and adults, get to stay safe and well in the comfort of their home. We also strive hard to deliver the appropriate care for them through the latest advancements of care.

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